Security Door with Super Quality

Quality cold-rolled steel sheet & stainless steel 1. Steel Security door with stainless steel doorsill 2. Cold-rolled steel door leaf and frame with heat transfer-printing, which looks natural wood grain. (or powder coating) (steel sheet thickness available from0.5mm~2mm) 3. Infills: Honeycomb material or polyurethane. 4. Locks: Specialist security lock with more locking points. (alternative available) 5. Design: Diversified available 6. Colour: Diversified available 7. Door leaf thickness: 42mm~90mm. 8. Door frame thickness: 80mm-270mm. 9. Size available: As per requirement (height*width*depth) 10. Accessories: Hinges, locks, handles, viewer, doorbe ll, rubber seal, installing bolts11. Opening direction: Left or right 12. Opening degree: 90 degree, 180 degree. 13. Packing: In carton 14. Container capacity: 96PCS/20Ft, 210PCS/40Ft, 240PCS/40HQ (differs upon your virtual choice)15. Certificate passed: ISO9001

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Location: Chile,

Date: 2009-11-21

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